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About 2lo Media & Communications

Introduction from William David

About 2lo Media

2lo Media is about media and communication - both in the past and the modern-day.

It is a partwork of the project 2lo - UK and is produced by William David.


Today we live in a multi-media age. Communication is all around us and taken for granted.

The internet has given more people a voice, and at the same time Government more ability to control.

Depending on your standpoint modern social media is either good or evil.

Mobile phones are now expected to be in everyone's pocket.

Newspapers are declining rapidly as the news comes via social media and online hosting.

This year marks 100 years of the BBC and it seems a fitting time to look back, as well as forward.

2lo as a project whole is about communication in all its forms - and so the content will be varied.

Some of it will be project-produced content - some that from others.

The project is not set to give opinions but see as many sides as it is practical so to do.

Politics, where it figures, will as far as possible be balanced.

We are living in a rapidly changing age - so let us observe and learn from the past - scrutinize the present and look forward [hopefully] to the future.




Peoples March for jobs May 81 - Image :- William David